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Message from Chairman IVY Machinery Limited, our portal for you to get to know us better.At IVY Machinery Limited, we always believe that every product and service we deliver is a masterpiece, so we make sure that this is carried out only by the best entrepreneur in the industry. Although relatively young in the business, we are proud to have built a pool of talented technical professionals from within and outside the Bangladesh;people who gained a number of experience and develop their organizations of high reputation.

We maintain a highly dependable and reliable workforce because we know there is no substitute for expertise and technology where quality is required. Our employees receive every support from management in order to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve high performance levels, thereby upholding the confidence of our customers. As important is our belief that everyone is entitled to a safe their imported needs.

We will always take and initiate reasonable and workable means to prevent and eliminate incidences and risks that may result to damage the products. We know that the pursuit of such will guaranteed motivated workers and satisfied customers. Being at the helm of the technical operations of IVY, I believe we are duty bound to share our technology with the next generation of would be mechanical technicians. You are most welcome to be a valued partner of IVY Machinery Limited.

Lubna Jaman Ivy

IVY Machinery Limited

You are most welcome to be a valued partner of IVY Machinery Limited

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